Jerseyville Fire Department

It is the mission of the Jerseyville Fire Department to prevent and suppress fires, educate and rescue citizens, promote public safety and foster community relations through sustained training, public education, and constant diligence to provide the highest level of professional service.

The Jerseyville Fire Department was organized in 1913 by Joseph M. Page as Mayor (The fire history before 1913 is not too clear). The Officers and Firemen were: J. H. Williamson ~ Chief, Charles H. Wedding ~ Assistant Chief, Harry Blish ~ Secretary, Alvin Brinton, Frank Bayer, William Dower, Zoran Koontz, Ira Day, and Bert Bell.

The equipment of the department in 1913 was two high-wheeled hose carts horse drawn. The horse was kept at a livery stable west of the City Hall. The next year a four wheeled hose and ladder wagon was made for the department and one of the hose carts was discontinued. The four wheeled wagon was also horse drawn.

The next equipment bought was the first fire pumper the city had. It was a 350 gallon pump mounted on an Oldsmobile chassis with a hose body and then the old hose wagon was discontinued.

We then had the Oldsmobile pumper and the Ford chemical truck. This Oldsmobile truck was bought by public subscription and donations were made to the Fire Department under the management of Chief J. H. Williamson.

In April 1929, the Fire Dept. purchased a 1 ½½ ton Chevrolet truck chassis from Sunderland Motor Co. The body and hose bed and the 50-gallon chemical tank was mounted on it. The truck body was paid for by the Fire Department by giving dances, shows and carnivals, also by donations from the public. This truck is still in use (1947-48).

In 1933, the City purchased from General Fire Truck Co. of St. Louis, a 350 gal. pumper mounted on an Int’l Chasis, fully equipped.